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A.S.Issaev’s jubilee At a JINR Sci entific Council , 1982 Left to right: I.Zlatev, A.M.Baldin, and Kh.Khristov. In the Chamber Department of the Laboratory of High Energy, 1981.
7 November 1975 On the rostrum. Left to right: A.M.Baldin, D.V.Shirkov, I.Zvara, M.G.Meshcherikov, and V.V.Kartashov. Leader of experiments on the bubble chamber of the Laboratory Of High Energy Physics N.M.Viriassov (right), 1970 Deputy president of the USSR Council of Ministers L.V.Smirnov is visiting the Laboratory
A.M.Baldin and V.P.Perelygin (right) Left to right: A.M.Baldin, V.P.Dzelepov, M.Savinsky (Poland), G.N.Flerov. At a conference in Alushta Left to right: A.M.Baldin, Yu.Ts.Oganessian, and G.N.Flerov.