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Shkhelda-tau summit Leader of a party consisting of builders of underground railways (Metrostroi) 1951 On the Chatyn-tau summit, Summer 1952. In that year A.M.Baldin received the title of a USSR Champion and was made a Master of Sport for the record ascent as a member of the party from the Moscow University Mountaineering Club. The Caucasus Adyl-su canyon . 1947
A night bivouac at a height 6200 m A.M.Baldin ( center ), leader of a party of high-rating climbers, 1947 The Caucasus, 1952 Chatyn-tau summit
The Pamirs. On Shcherbakov Peak. Stalin Peak in background.1953 A.M.Baldin and his son.1962. A.M.Baldin with his daughter and son.1962