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Unveiling of the bust in memory of N.N.Bogolliubov at the Conference Hall of the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics, 1 September 1996. At a conference in Dallas (USA) A.M. Baldin, V.D. Kekelidze, and A.N. Sissakian. Participants of the International Symposium “Physics and Detectors On SSC”, 1993.
Left to right: A.M.Baldin, V.Punjabi and N.M.Piskunov in Norfolk (USA), 1994. I.S.Baldina (right), 1995. In the house library, 1997
Left to right: A.D.Kovalenko, A.I.Malakhov, E.A.Matiushevsky, A.M. Baldin. A.M.Baldin is on a visit to the newspaper “Zhivaja Shliapa” (Alive hat ) and the Club “Yenot” (Racoon), 2000 Yu.I.Romanov (left). “Baldin’s automn”, 1998 First row: A.D.Kovalenko, A.I.Malakhov, A.M.Baldin