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Schooldays Pupils of the seven-years form of the Moscow secondary school number 114. Spring 1941 Student of the Moscow Institute of Engineers of Railway Transport. 1945
Fourth-year students of the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute A.M.Baldin (left) and V.V.Mikhailov. 1944 Lecturer at the Physics faculty of the Moscow State University. 1960
Geneva 1956 Left to right: A.M.Baldin, M.Sands (USA), L.Osborn (USA), and E.Beneventano (Italy) The Columbia University, 1960 Left to right: S.A.Azimov, A.M.Baldin, N.A.Dobrotin, S.Ya.Nikitin and L.Lederman (USA) Visiting the Niagara waterfall, 1960 Left to right: A.P. Rudik, A.M.Baldin, A.A.Logunov, M.Jacob, Jonson, D.V.Shirkov