Visit of the delegation from Poland

A delegation of Warsaw University of Technology has visited the Laborotory of High Energy Physics on 20 - 21 of March 2017. The delegation included
- Maciej Lawrynczuk - PhD, DSc, Associate professor, Deputy director for research of Institute of Control and Computation Engineering.
- Sebastian Plamowski - PhD, Assistant professor, Institute of Control and Computation Engineering.
- Tomasz Starecki - PhD, DSc, Associate professor, Director of Institute of Electronic Systems.
- Adam Kisiel - PhD, DSc, Associate professor, Faculty of Physics, Warsaw University of Technology.

During the visit private meetings with leaders of working groups and the Round Table were held. Questions of collaboration between LHEP and WUT in the region of data processing, physical analysis and control systems were discussed during the Round Table. Also the ways of a student practice extension and an ability of PhD preparation were discussed.

Adam Kisel has presented an overwiev of femtoscopy status and shown the newest experimental data ("How big is the Quark Gluon Plasma at the LHC and why it matters" - pdf,5Mb).

The delegation has visited the BM@N facility, accelerator complex, superconducting magnets factory and clean room of silicon detectors production.