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Dubna: Look from 250 km height. Dubna: Look from 250 km height.

Synchrophasotron Synchrophasotron:

    1 - accelerator ring Nuclotron
    2 - accelerator ring
    3-7 - cryogenic supply system

The Synchrophasotron is included in Guiness Book of records as the largest electromagnet in the world. The magnetic system consists of four quadrants with a radius of the orbit of 28 m and weight of 36000 tons.

Accelerator Centre Layout of the Accelerator Centre

Synchrophasotron The Laboratory of High Energies was founded in 1953. The basic installation of Laboratory, Synchrophasotron, was consrtucted in 1956, and accelerated proton beam of 10 GeV energy was obtained in 1957.

Synchrophasotron Main Control Room Synchrophasotron Main Control Room

Modern and old accelerator control apparatures are presented. The first computer was put into operation in 1975 year to measure and control beam slow extraction parameters. There are eight DEC compatible computers in operation.

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